We know from you that it is those first hand stories from our parents which you find the most powerful and useful. When we heard Laura’s story about how she saved her daughter’s life following a Mini First Aid class, we knew you would want to read about it. In Laura’s words:


“I attended a Mini First Aid class (in Scunthorpe) as I felt really anxious about my daughter Bryony choking as she moved on to more solid food. I know this is something many parents feel. A week after my Mini First Aid class, my worst fear became reality when Bryony choked on a piece of chicken.

We were all sitting down together for dinner and I had chopped up Bryony’s chicken into small pieces. I had learned at my Mini First Aid class not to worry if Bryony made any noise or gagged on her food as she was learning to move it around her mouth and chew. This time however, she became silent which I had learned is the warning sign when your child is choking.

I didn’t have time to feel anxious. I just acted. It all happened so fast.  I picked her up and gave Bryony 2 back blows. The chicken came out easily and she was fine afterwards. In fact, she wanted to continue eating her tea!!

If I had not been on the course I think I would have just frozen in panic and almost done nothing. If you are ever thinking about doing a first aid course, definitely DO IT. Hopefully you will not need it.

Nobody plans on their child choking but if they do, to have that knowledge is just amazing and incredibly powerful."


Laura pictured with her daughter Bryony - little did she know she would be putting those life-saving skills to the test just a week later.


Has Laura and Bryony's story made you question how YOU would react in an emergency First Aid situation? Do you have family members that care for your child? Would THEY know how to stop a child from choking? 

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