The shops are full of “back-to-school” essentials and it’s almost time to wave our littles off at the school gates, but before we do, were keen to make the most of the last days of summer. With that in mind we caught up with Toddle Born Wild to find out the best way to enjoy adventures with our families!


At Toddle we love adventures big and small. From garden scavenger hunts to climbing a mountain or playing in the sea we believe that there is an adventure for every family! There are plenty of mini-adventures you can have in the back garden or even indoors. Toddle have created a variety of activity sheets so you can have your own adventures at home! We are bringing you our favourite adventures that you can do during the last few weeks of the summer holidays (and beyond!).


Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts are a great way to add something different to a walk and are a fantastic way to encourage your family to get outside. We’ve also created an indoor scavenger hunt for those inevitable rainy days so you can bring the adventure inside! Use the Toddle Scavenger Hunt sheets and collect the items in a bag or basket, remember to check them off the list as you find each item. Once you’ve tried the Toddle Scavenger Hunts have a go at creating your own – you could even make some to share with your friends.


Sowing and Growing Seeds

Growing flowers and plants is a fantastic activity to teach your children about nature and the outdoors! It’s so much fun to see their happy faces and excitement when your plant starts to grow and blossom. We also love to see all the new insects that visit our garden when we plant new flowers! You can sow and grow seeds all year round, you could even try and grow some herbs in your garden or from your windowsill. This is a great way to teach children about how food grows – you can even plant the seeds from your favourite fruit and vegetables, so no need to go out and buy seeds!



With the start of school not too far off we understand that children may feel a bit nervous about returning, especially in the new normal. Practising mindfulness can be a fantastic way to get children engage with their senses and the world around them. One of our favourite mindfulness tasks is a Mindfulness Safari! Go on an outdoor adventure, a walk, or spend some time in your garden and notice everything around you – touch the grass, listen for the birds singing, and smell the flowers. Record your experiences on your own Toddle Mindfulness Safari Sheet or write and draw about them in a notebook.

View the full range of Toddle activities here and don’t forget to check out the Toddle product range to keep you protected from the elements no matter the adventure.


About Toddle

Natural and vegan children’s skincare is our passion, and we know how important it is for your little ones to be protected from the elements while out and about. So whether you’re playing in the garden or trekking through the wilderness, you know Toddle has got your back. Our natural children’s vegan skincare ingredients are the best they can be – for example, our Lip Balm contains soothing jojoba oil and nourishing shea butter to lock in moisture and help keep tiny lips protected. What does the best mean to us? We are cruelty free, as natural as we can possibly be, and 100% vegan. No animal products here, including beeswax. All of this makes our products great for children’s sensitive young skin. Did you know their epidermis is 1/3 the thickness of an adult? Chemicals can also be absorbed more easily – so it’s crucially important we get it right.



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